The nineties. A Dutchman named Theo. That’s the shortest possible version of this international success story. Want to explore more? Theo Eichholtz definitely did. As a passionate antique collector, he traveled the world to discover hidden treasures. Dazzled by Asian colonial furniture, he started importing it.

The Eichholtz company was born. Soon, it become a global icon for intercontinental interior design. Decorating over 10,000 first-class hotels, restaurants, clubs, stores and homes. From Russia to the Middle-East.

In 2020, Eichholtz went back to its roots. In Decor Amsterdam they found the perfect partner to explore - once again - more. With shared values of high-end style and service as well as their mutual sense of curiosity, the Decor Group was asked to open the first and only Eichholtz concept store. Found in the heart of Amsterdam. Founded by Eichholtz X Decor Amsterdam.