Carpet Akhtihotep

€ 6.995


Carpet Akhtihotep

€ 6.995
Color: Sand | ivory

Introducing the "Akhtihotep Carpet" by Eichholtz, a stunning creation inspired by the relief "Depicting Personified Estates from the Tomb of Akhtihotep." This sand Ivory masterpiece is handwoven from a blend of 60% wool, 20% cotton, and 20% viscose, offering both luxurious texture and timeless beauty. Measuring L. 300 cm by W. 400 cm, it brings the essence of ancient Egypt into your space, just as figures carrying offerings once provisioned the funerary rites of Akhtihotep. Embrace history and elegance with this exquisite carpet. HISTORIC PROVENANCEThe Carpet Akhtihotep is inspired by reliefs depicting personified estates (ca. 2575-2551 B.C.) from the tomb of Akhtihotep, a royal official and priest. Now in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, these limestone reliefs portray figures, representing agricultural estates or farms, carrying baskets of offerings to the deceased atop their heads. The sand-and ivory-toned 300 cm. x 400 cm. Carpet Akhtihotep, handwoven in a wool-and-cotton mix, takes its design from the images on the original.

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All dimensions mentioned in the descriptions are approximate and subject to change (with a tolerance of 2 percent).

L. 300 | W. 400 cm | dimensions may vary by up to 3%
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