Carpet Mansion

€ 6.995


Carpet Mansion

€ 6.995
Color: Natural | ivory | brown

Exquisitely crafted, the "Carpet Mansion" by Eichholtz elevates your space with natural ivory and brown hues. Measuring L. 300 cm by W. 400 cm, it's meticulously hand-knotted from a luxurious blend of 50% wool and 50% jute, ensuring both durability and rich texture. Infuse your space with timeless furnishings that seamlessly blend history and elegance. Embracing Sustainability with Jute Discover the ecological excellence of our jute items. Jute, sourced from the swift-growing jute plant, boasts a remarkable ecological footprint. With a harvest cycle of under six months, jute requires less land and water compared to conventional fibres. Its cultivation minimally depends on pesticides and fertilizers, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Jute's rapid growth also contributes to efficient carbon absorption, with one hectare absorbing an impressive 15 tons of CO2 within just 100 days. As a fully biodegradable and recyclable material, jute aligns with eco-conscious principles, providing both sustainability and functionality in each meticulously crafted item. Embrace a harmonious blend of nature and innovation with our Jute collection.

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All dimensions mentioned in the descriptions are approximate and subject to change (with a tolerance of 2 percent).

L. 300 | W. 400 cm | dimensions may vary by up to 3%
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